Sapphire Sorceress Online Slot

Sapphire Sorceress along with Queen Of The Treefolk were conceptualised and developed by West Pier Studio, using an existing math model we set about designing a brand new look and feel that would appeal to the target demographic.

The game is available to play exclusively on Virgin Games

The Background defines the theme and overall style of the slot, it also provides a setting for the symbols, the challenge with creating an awesome background is designing something that will still look fantastic even though the symbols will cover-up a large portion of it, as you can see most of the detail has been limited to the extents of the image.

The Frame is the link between the background and where the symbols sit. The design of the frame is critical as it must not only be clearly defined but beautifully integrated into the background design.

There are usually 12 or so symbols found in a typical slot and fall into the following categories; High, Mid & Low, we try and create an obvious hierarchy to match the pay-table, in this example the ‘high win’ symbols are characters, they pay the highest amount so naturally need to look the most important, ‘mid win’ symbols are represented by objects or lesser characters like animals and the ‘low win’ by card suites. There are also ‘special symbols’ to consider which are more prized and valuable than all the other symbols in particular the ‘scatter’ as this is generally used to activate big wins / bonuses.

Here we see all the main components coming together, note the natural hierarchy in the symbols.

The finished article