UK gaming tech company West Pier Studio pushes Unity to new limits with launch of the uTalk cross-platform Language learning App

Brighton-based West Pier Studio is launching a ground-breaking new language learning app on the Unity platform maximising the flexibility and simultaneous cross-platform launch potential of the interface.

The new uTalk cross-platform app combines the potential of Unity with proven language learning methods to create a ground-breaking and fun way to start talking in 130+ languages.

West Pier Studio’s Lead Programmer, Le Roy Karunaratne, says the new language app has introduced some new uses for the Unity gaming platform:

“uTalk is a very interface oriented application. All the buttons, cards and images are placed on screen using Unity’s user interface (UI) system. This UI system is quite new to the Unity ecosystem and has provided a strong foundation for us to build upon and create a responsive UI that displays on a wide range of devices and screen sizes.

Going for a simultaneous launch on iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and WebGL comes with a lot of hurdles and problems to solve. Luckily for us, most of these issues are solved by using Unity, giving us more time focusing on the end user experience rather than specific hardware differences.

We believe that Unity made this project possible and has helped us create an amazing application for you to enjoy on whichever platform you feel comfortable using!”

uTalk’s chairman and co-founder Dick Howeson and Head of Tech Simon Solts partnered with West Pier’s expert team to develop the app which soft launches at the end of June with the full launch by end of July.

Chairman Dick Howeson said: “This is a major step forward for our customers. We’re pushing technology all the time to ensure anyone learning with us will be successful and have fun learning languages”

Start learning languages right now! You can download uTalk from www.uTalk.com